Top 4 Reasons Why Flies Hang Around

If you live in an area that has a high population of flies all you can really do is try and stop them from coming into your home. Certain factors attract flies to a place which sometimes is out of your hands, but in your home there are always measures you can take to stop them.

To get rid of flies you need to understand all the factors that attract them and where flies like to hang out and lay their eggs.

flies attracted to garbage bins


1: Keep Your Bins And Garden Tidy.

Garbage cans which are full of old food scraps are an ideal place for flies to get food and/or lay their eggs. This is why I recommend that in fly (Spring-Summer) season you try to keep your indoor bins as empty as possible; also it helps if you can move your outside bins further away from your house or any points of entry.

If you have a compost pile or other decaying matter around your house take measures to make sure all entry points to your home have some sort of fly repellent, Whether that be homemade or commercial.

2: Put Fly Repellents Around Your Home.

Flies are attracted to odours given off by humans. Basically this means they will follow you around indoors and outdoors. Outdoors is not such of a problem but you do not want them following you into your home. A tip to stop them following you into your home or entering your home at all is by changing the odour at the point of entry.

Flies don’t like the smell of Lavender, Mint and Basil. Having one of these herbs near your door and on your window shelves will aid in stopping the flies getting in. You can also use Bags full of water or old CD’s hanging up near points of entry, Flies see the reflected light off these items as a threat such as a spider’s web.

3: Find The Source Of The Fly Infestion.

If you are noticing a large amount of flies all of a sudden, Blow flies more than likely then this may be because an animal has died close by to your house. You can identify a blow fly by their green/blue metallic colour.

In this case of a large influx of flies around your home or in your home I recommend that you have a good look around the exterior of your home for dead animals. You may find that a bird or other wild animal has died close by and a dead animal carcass is the perfect breeding ground for flies.

Upon finding any dead animals you need to remove the carcass correctly by sealing it up in plastic bags and then placing it in the bin. Simply moving the dead animal away from your home may not help.

4: Make Sure Your Pets Aren’t Attracting Flies.

If you have pets in your home such as hamsters or ferrets then you need to make sure you keep their living quarters as clean as possible in fly season. Flies are attracted to the odour given off by these animals waste. Other things to include here are cat litter trays or a rabbit hutch close to your house, in the spring-summer fly season you need to clean these items out as much as possible. And failing that use the fly repelling tips found here on this site.

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