How to Make Homemade Fly Paper Traps?

Flies do not bite but they are still a risk to human health. They carry germs from place to place and when they land on your food they will transmit these germs which can give you all sorts of health problems.

They are pesky, quick and highly annoying. This is the reason, people use all kinds of sprays to get rid of flies and try keep them away. But, this way they can only be distanced and not completely removed and some of these sprays you will not want to use in an area where you prepare your food, you could use homemade fly sprays. This is the reason why you need to know the best ways of dealing with your fly problem. They are more active generally in the hotter months and will sit on all food types (raw or cooked), that have been left open.

Often, no matter how we keep our kitchens clean, they find an excuse to enter your home and contaminate your food. An effective way of dealing with them would be using homemade fly paper traps.

Making a fly paper yourself

Knowing how to make homemade fly paper traps with the right materials in hand is easy, a few important things that you will require while making these natural flypapers would be:

  • Scissors
  • A paper grocery bag
  • A single hole punch
  • Twine and/or cello tape for hanging
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1 cup of water

Procedure of making a homemade fly paper trap

1# First of all, cut the paper bag into strips and make the strips fairly wide 2 inches or 2.5 inches is a good size. You’ll want to make at least 5 to 6 such strips from your paper bag. Once they are cut out, punch a small hole in the strips towards the shorter ends.

2# Then tie a string or twine through the holes so that they are perfect for hanging up, You can also use cello tape to attach the traps twine to the ceiling.

3# Now you need to apply some sticky stuff on the paper bag strips so that flies will stick to them. Take a saucepan and mix 1 cup of honey and sugar and then add 1 cup of water. Heat the mixture for a few minutes till the honey mixes completely and the sugar dissolves. You should be left with a very sweet sticky substance, you want it to be very thick and not watery. Add more sugar to adjust consistancy.

Please note: Try not to heat the mixture for too long otherwise it may stick to your pan.

4# Run the paper on both sides through the mixture, so that both the sides are well-coated with your sticky substance. To do this pour your mixture into a dish and lay your strips into the dish and turn over when needed. After your strips are 100% covered you’ll want to hang them outside or somewhere where they can drip off for an hour or so. Now these flypapers are ready to be hung at the most fly-sensitive places of the house.


You can also to put a dry cloth under the fly paper, so that any further dripping liquid can be soaked in it and it does not fall in the floor. When flies will buzz around in the kitchen or dining table, they will be attracted to the paper this will lead to them getting stuck on the sticky paper and will eventually die, trying to remove themselves from it.

After a week or even a few days if you have lots of flies, there are already too many flies on the paper, the paper can be removed, and new ones can be hung. This will reduce the propensity of flies in the area for sure. These flypapers are very helpful and can be the best possible things that kill flies easily and without much effort.

You don’t need spray cans or running after them throughout the house with fly swatters. Instead just lay a trap and they will automatically get drawn to it and stuck on it until they die. The same fly papers can be used for many days. Once a paper dries up, just soak them in sugar syrup again and hang them. This procedure can be continued till you feel that the papers have worn off and it is time to use new ones in their place. Thus, this method is inexpensive yet very much effective for getting rid of flies. The entire trap can be set up within a few minutes when you have the correct materials.

Summary – Flypapers homemade or commerical bought are one of the best solutions to get rid of flies. They can be made easily and hung near the entrances so when flies enter the area they will quickly become trapped. Once again I like these fly paper traps because they are very clean, easy to make and all the dead flies will be stuck on the trap when you bin it.

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  1. I’m going to try this tutorial this weekend. We’re having a cookout but the flies in this neighborhood have gotten to be such a problem.

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