How To Get Rid Of House Flies In 3 Easy Steps

The most common Fly to invade your home and contaminate your food and peace, is the common House fly. And House Flies absolutely love human homes, food and odours. This poses a real threat not only to your insanity with their constant buzzing but also to the food that you eat.

You don’t want to imagine where that fly has been or come from and its best you don’t but you do need to know that by letting them near your food you are taking the risk of serious illness or at the very least an upset stomach… That’s why I’m going to show you how to get rid of house flies in 3 easy and cost effective ways.


how to get rid of house flies

1 – Keep You Home and Garden Extra Clean:

House flies are attracted to our waste as well as our food. Any Decaying matter such as animal faeces or heaps of dead grass/leafs. So you need to make sure that especially in the summer that your garden and house are as clean as possible. Using cleaning liquids that give off strong anti-fly odours are what you need to be using. Any cleaning fluid that has a strong lemon smell will make flies think twice. Now on to the garden…

If you have animals or even if you don’t make sure not to leave any animal faeces or dead animal bodies around, these are a massive attraction for flies because they are perfect places for them to lay their eggs. If you have a compost heap keep it dry and well stocked so it’s generating a lot of heat. You can also consider planting some Fly repelling herbs and plants, Herbs such as Mint, Basil, Lavender and False indigo work great. Also they make your garden smell and look great.

If you have a pond try to not to let the water get too stagnant, You can do this by adding fresh water and making sure your pump is in good working order. It’s also worth having a look around for any other water that’s been standing a while such as buckets of rain water or bird baths. Keep reading for the more interesting ideas to get rid of house flies…

2 – Set Up House Fly Repellents:

Now your house and garden are not so attractive to house flies we can move on to the step to get rid of house flies. And that is the step of making sure they always turn around when thinking about entering your door. You can get this affect by using a whole range of fly repelling methods.

repel flies with cloves

One of these methods is by using Cloves. You can buy cloves at most supermarkets and online from healthy food stores. There are several ways you can use cloves to repel house flies, so just pick the one you prefer the most.

  1. Take a few dozen cloves and a nice fresh apple. Poke as many of the cloves into the apple as you can and place the finish article on a plate. Put the plate right near any areas where houses are or in your kitchen. (Powdered Cloves will work also Just make sure to poke a few holes in the apple)
  2. You can mix cloves with other dry plants such as bay leafs, Lavender and Eucalyptus. Putting these dry plants into a bowl can create a nice show piece and the subtle odours smell great and keep house flies away.
  3. Create small clove bags/sacks and hang them around entrances to your home. This works best if you get some whole cloves and place them in mesh bags or plastic bags with lots of pin holes in. Tie a piece of string to the bag and hang it above your back door.

Other Fly Repellents you could use are scented candles, any strong smelling citrus cleaning liquids. After these steps to get rid of flies are complete you should be pretty much fly free but in case you aren’t I have some extra methods that involve taking the fight to the flies. In more direct and interesting ways.

3 – How to kill House Flies in your

Once your fly repellents are in place it’s time to take out the remaining flies already inside your home. The first thing I’m going to suggest is a bit different and weird but it works like a charm. Get yourself a Venus Fly Trap. The Venus Fly Trap is nature’s way to deal with flies. Best thing is they are cheap to buy and fairly easy to look after (do look into Venus fly trap care) I have a couple of them and they work well to get rid of flies. Plus they are nice to look at and give you something to look after which is always nice.

venus fly trap

Another fun method to get rid of house flies is by using an electric fly swatter; if you have a lot of flies still flying around in your house you can use one of these to swat them dead in the air. Not need to wait for them to land. As with regular fly swatting a great tip is to darken all your rooms apart from one, this will draw all the flies into the one lit room. You can then proceed to swat them all in one sitting.

And if you want to put in place extra traps to catch and kill flies then I recommend you check out some homemade fly traps. They are easy and cheap to make and are very effective for eliminating flies in and around your home.

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  1. We have a infestation of flies due to a recycling plant that as closed down fly spray does not kill them they dont hover around my waste bin they just deem to stay on walls and cupboards i have lavender butning in my home comstantly fly papers all overy home any advise on what else i could do please

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