How to get Rid of Fruit Flies – 3 Tips for getting rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are very common in areas where people store and cook there food, This of course is bad since like all flies Fruit Flies carry bacteria and disease which is harmful to human health. Fruit flies also known as Vinegar Flies are very small multi-coloured flies and are heavily attracted to ripe or unripe fruit and vegetable’s making them a nuisance and potentially a health risk in the kitchen. Make sure you take the right measures to keep them out of your kitchen.

get rid of fruit flies

3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies:

1: First thing you going to want to do is always make sure you dispose of any overripe and rotten fruits and vegetables in your kitchen or storage areas, You will want to make sure you bag up and seal this items to further stop the odours attracting Fruit flies to your bins inside and outside. Making sure your bins are emptied and thoroughly cleaned regularly will also go a long way to stopping a fruit fly infestation.

Generally keeping your Kitchen and food preparing areas clean as possible helps, Garbage disposal needs to be free of matter etc. And if you have any stale water around from damaged or broken drainage I recommend you get it fixed as soon as possible since Fruit flies like to lay their eggs in these moist areas where there is stagnant water.

2: Its good practice when dealing with fruit flies to make sure you clean your dishes, cups and glasses as soon as possible leaving dirty dishes on the side attracts fruit flies into your home and once they set up camp they can be hard to remove. Cups, glasses or plates that have been used to drink or eat fruit based items should be the first thing you want to wash up.

After sometime you will want to change your washing up utensils as well, keeping fresh new sponges and mops will stop the fruit flies larvae from being bred here. Also be sure to put your drying up clothes in the washing machine regularly.

3: Now if the problem of fruit flies still persists you will want to place some traps in the worse areas, these can be homemade fly traps with fruity odour or you could buy commercial traps to do the job. I would highly recommend you get yourself a big vase of an herb called Rue (Common Rue) and place it in your kitchen or right next to your fruit bowl. In my experience Rue is very effective at repelling fruit flies.

If worse comes to worse and the fruit flies keep coming back you can perhaps invest in some screens to cover your windows and doors, Or you could start with this method if you’d like. But if you keep everything clean and tidy and place a few fly traps and fly repellents around you should not have any problems keeping the fruit flies away from your kitchen. Remember to use repellents and traps in points of entry and problem areas.

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