How To Get Rid Of Flies Outdoors

When spending time outside the last thing you want is aload of flies buzzing around you. Ruining your peace and stopping you from doing whatever you are trying to do. The good news is there are a few known ways to quickly make this problem go away. Whever you want to repel flies from a certain area or repel flies from yourself I’m going to show you what you need to do to get rid of flies outdoors.

Start By Making Your Garden A More Fly Free Zone

There is no sure way to make your garden 100% fly free, And really you wouldn’t want to because of the good that flies do when pollinating your plants. But you can create areas of your garden that flies will avoid at all costs, by doing this you will beable to make the outdoors areas you like fly free.

If you have a patio where you like to sit and have BBQ’s then this would be an area where you would like to get rid of flies outdoors. You can do this keeping the area clean of all decaying matter, Also placing some potted herbs like lavender, basil, mint etc will create odours that will keep flies away.

If you are having a BBQ then make sure that you keep all your meat tighty sealed and the BBQ lid down whenever possible. Also your prongs and cooking tools need to be kept clean and out of the way if possible. I also find it worthwhile to make a homemade fly trap and place it somewhere away from the patio where I’m cooking, This will give the flies something to do thats different from invading my BBQ.

Other areas of your garden will be less attracted to flies if you keep your lawn freshly cut (Flies don’t like low grass) but be sure to keep the fresh cuttings in bins and away from the parts of your garden that you like to inhabit.

Also keeping a spray bottle full of warm water, dish soap and murphys oil soap handy will allow you to quickly deal with any flies that do manage to come your way.

How To Keep Flies Away From Yourself

If its a hot day and your going outside there are certains things you can do to keep flies from flying around you and on you. Start by making sure you use lightly scented soaps and body sprays when showering. Using lavander scented items will create odours that flies do not like and therefore will leave you alone. Flies also like warm bodies so if you are excising there is very little you can do to stop them annoying you.

Next you need to avoid wearing dark colours, colours like blue, black, purple and dark green attract flies so you want to make sure you are wearing light colours like karkis, tans, white, yellows etc.

citronella wrists bands get rid of flies

You should also considering investing in some Citronella wrist bands. These are very cheap and reuseable, They are also very effective at repelling flies from your person.

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