How to Get Rid Of Crane Flies quickly

Every insect has a different methods of treatment. They cannot be driven away in the same general ways. Insects like crane flies are different from the normal flies and should be treated differently. The crane fly has different names like gallinippers, mosquito hawks, skeeter eaters and Mosquito eaters. These insects are not poisonous and they do not feed on mosquitoes although some people believe they do.

It is also true that they are not much of a nuisance to humans as they are not attracted to humans. But, their larva can damage your plants and your lawn which is a matter of concern. Moreover, who would like to pull in guests in a home infested with Crane flies?

Crane Fly Apperance:

Crane Fly

How to Get Rid Of Crane Flies (Mosquito Eaters)?

Crane flies have very simply methods of treatment. One does not need taking much trouble in their case. They are larger than mosquitoes and have longer legs.

  • Shutting doors and windows- The best thing about them is that they do not generally come in a buzzing bunch. By simply keeping doors and windows shut, one can keep these insects at a distance. If there are screens on the doors and windows then you should definitely check for gaps and holes.
  • Crane flies like most flies are attracted to light so make sure your windows are closed at night if you have lights on, If you need your windows and doors open in the summer make sure you limit the amount of light inside by closing your curtains or turning the lights off altogether.
  • Using a bug zapper- A zapper is always very useful in dealing with insects. The doors and windows of the house which are the main entrances for these insects should have these zappers. The crane flies will easily get attracted to the light and get zapped. I recommend the Flowtron bug zappers, Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer.
  • Cleaning your lawn- Dead plants, fallen leaves and puddles in your lawn can attract these insects. Plant detritus scattered in the garden should be cleaned immediately. These files generally feed on rotten foliage. The more they will be removed the better environment will be ensured.
  • Make sure you are cutting your lawn once a week during the summer months and keep the cut grass out of the way or on your compost heap/bins
  • Using organic pesticides- Organic pesticides are very helpful. They should be spread around the house, three to four times. This will help in getting rid of larvae. Garlic, oil and dish soap can be used to make relents of crane flies.

Facts about crane flies

In order to treat an insect and drive it away completely, it is important to know certain facts about it. These crane flies are brownish-yellow in color and are transparent. They have elongated faces. The extended abdomen ones are females that carry eggs. These eggs are generally capped with ovipositors. Though they may look similar to stingers, it is not so.

They are only useful for reproductive purposes. Crane flies generally lay their eggs on the ground where the larvae feed on dry and dead leaves. As a result of their feeding, plant roots get damaged. Wet, mossy and open woodland areas are also generally the dwelling place for the adult cranes. They survive for a long period generally, unlike other species which only live till the reproductive process is complete. With most types of fly to get rid of crane flies you need to remove the breeding source.

In UK, South Africa, Australia and certain other countries, they are also known as daddy long legs. If the surrounding areas of the house are kept clean, then these flies have no work there. They generally choose leafy and swampy areas. Therefore, people should try to keep the surroundings of their house clean. The cleaner the surrounding is, the better it is for the owners of the house.

Repellents are easily available online and at most supermarkets. Cleaning your yard should be done once in a while also to prevent crane flies laying eggs in your lawn. Keep your lawn well trimmed and any trimmings heaped up out of the way, In a green bin or in bin bags.

Summary- It is very important to keep the backyard and lawns of the house clean, so that no foliage or water accumulation takes place. Once you remove all of that and crane flies can be easily kept at bay.

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  1. Hi. We have a lot of crane flies in our house but our house is very clean and we have a very tidy garden with no lawns or rotting foliage. Gardens around us are also very tidy. So I still don’t know how to get rid of them.

  2. I live in a coastal desert climate up top of typical coastal southern California mountains with rather high elevation for San Diego area. So, its April, and quite dry. House sits on 5 acre rocky shrubbery type foliage with no grass near home at all. They have been swarming the whole perimeter of house….and growing. Early evening-dusk till midnight is when they emerge. If I leave any light on downstairs and open a door or unscreened window for all of 5-10 mins, literally 50-100 damn things will be buzzing and bumping against the ceiling (and this is LOUD for they’re weight) and just aimlessly swarm around without end. I have to get my kids and family member who are willing, to use teamwork and lots of rolled magazines for sometimes 100 kills to male them stop. They’re hardy and need two to three swats at times to die. Uhg its a literal enemy occupation and we suffer in hot home cuz cant open any door window….and no ac. Screens are half disappeared or ripped up to no good. Other than screening, what can us hostages do??? Any advice is greatly appreciated! I’m in it for blood now to obliterate these obnoxious brainless plague!

    • After April this should stop. We’re heading into a hot summer. Everything should dry out. There’s lots of pests that thrive with moisture. And all this rain brought them. But at least we’re not in much of a drought. You have to take the good with the bad and the bad with the good. I’m in Pest control and I rarely use products in my own house. For these Crane Flys i just don’t water a lot. I water my lawns and flower bed areas at certain times of day just long enough for the roots to get water and hopefully enough to dry out the top layer of soil. And leaving lights on at night just doesn’t help.. it just attracts them. But people do leave lights on at night for security purposes. Like I said, take the good with the bad, the bad with the good.

  3. I hate these things! You step on the grass and like 5 will just fly out – with every step! I hate hate hate them! They seem to be really bad this Spring- 2017. I I wish they would all just die and evaporate !

    • Same here! They are all over the front of my house. We have to use the garage to get into the house or they will fly in when we open the door. I am so fed up with them!!

  4. Valley in CA and LA area is horribld this year. I’m scared to step out they’re all over

    • They are really bad this year in Palmdale CA! Just started cleaning the yard up so maybe they got mad and now we kill several every night. Maybe coming in the dog door? Just ordered some hand held bug zappers and a hanging light zapper! I’ll get them yet!

  5. Stevenson ranch ca,
    Im so over these things! After the other night of having one fly into my mouth, im over it. Im about to put up chicken wire on my apartment porch just to be able to sit outside. Im done, i cant wait for the hot weather and the town to finally clean up the hill behind us! These trees are ridiculous. As well as the mucky drain thing, which makes it a perfect spot for these stupid things!

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  7. I live in GA. and this is the 1st year these things are this bad they are flying around my house and it like a infestation its so many of them its horrible !! This sucks.

  8. Interesting to see fellow socal comments regarding this summer. I’m in Tujunga and they are out of control currently. We have a light near our front door so they are always swarming the area.

  9. I have also had enough of them !!! Didn’t mind for like the first few weeks but I’m done now !!’ Have to hurry and shut the door and can’t even sit outside in the evening . Hate them

  10. We live near the state line of NC & SC piedmont & they are driving me crazy !!! My husband & son are of the group of people that always cut every light in the house on & even though I harp nag or whatever you want to call it they ALWAYS cut the lights on as they start outside at night—the INSIDE lights at a door with glass panels on it. Then these devils rush to the pane & when they open the door to come back in there come 50 at a time with them !!! I had one fly into my FACE the other night while I was ASLEEP & I guess I killed it cause it was on my head & this was after killing dozens before I went to bed & also searching the house over first too. I only left lights on away from the bedroom for an hour !/2 before bed & never cut the bedroom light on. Now I AM SCARED TO CUT THE LIGHTS off where I can’t see the little buggers. SO frustrated !!! :'(

  11. I live in Central NJ and these flies are no joke. True they look just like gigantic mosquitoes but they’re a bit slower she the fly. I just came inside my house after dodging around 20-30 of them hanging on the front door light. I only have 1 entry to my condo and that’s it so it was a real battle. After you swat 1 another one flies right after it. Even had 2 stuck together as if hey were mating. I love nature and respect the environment but this is too much already. I cannot believe the size of their wingspan. This is an infestation around my front door.
    I sprayed lemongrass oil mixed with eucalyptus oil and water and it worked for a while but I do not know what else to do. They freak me out and have to stay inside.

  12. In Maryland, these stupid things are keeping me from doing work in my shed. I open the door and they swarm in, what’s their deal!!?? I need these stupid little turds gone NOW!!!!

  13. I live in Northern CA in the Sierras and we are being ivaded by these damn things. Nothing like laying in bed with your laptop and having these things buzzing you. Last year it was the kamkazi beetles that would literraly perform suicide missions by dive bombing us and then dying. This year it is these darn mosquito hawks (yes I know that is not the correct name). It has been an extremely wet wonter after a long draught so maybe that has someting to do with it?

    Anyway, by reading the blogs, looks like they are in every climare.

  14. I live in Bronx, New York and this is the first time I experienced these crane fly. They are terrifying and I’m tired of sleeping under my blanket to avoid them. Please tell me it’s just not me and these pesky pieces of shits are coming out of nowhere this Spring 2017

  15. I have an extensive problem with crane flies…..I live in a Philadelphia Pa. suburb and they seem to be attracted to and living in some evergreens around my property ….Arborvitaes to be exact….keeping “doors closed” doesn’t cut it as we need to get into and out of the house!..I purchased some big killer that you attach to a garden hose to cover large areas but it only works to an extent.I purchased a handheld vac to remove them from all over the inside of my house but they still seem to find their way in…..bug zappers only work if they fly into it before you open your door which they are attached to…..I have recently started spraying them one by one with carb cleaner using the attachable tube but that is not really safe and they seem to be gaining a resistance to it…..HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I really hate these fuckers, they look like spiders with wings

  17. I live in SW Ontario and they have just showed up in the last week. They are all over my house and garage. Ditto our yard is clean and so are the gardens….only at our house not the neighbours????

  18. Oh my god. This spring in Seattle these shits were SO BAD. I swear to god we were getting them the size of dinner plates, terrorizing the whole family. One kept evading me then buzzing around my face when I tried to sleep, I’m so terrified of these things I got up and left after midnight to spend the night with a friend instead. What’s going on this year??

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