Homemade Fly Traps You Can Use To Get Rid Of Flies

There are plenty of easy methods for anyone to create easy homemade fly traps, and let’s face it no one likes having those sticky reel traps hanging off their ceiling. All fly traps work off the same two principles. The first one is an attraction between flies and food/sugar. Flies love sugar and old food scraps and they have a fantastic sense of smell to help them locate it. Also flies have what we call compound eyes, basically meaning they have bad vision but can see light and movement patterns very well. So know you know the basic principles we can move on to talking about some homemade fly traps.

Homemade Bottle Fly Trap:

One of the simplest fly traps you can make is a bottle fly trap; you will more than likely find that you already have all the materials required sitting around the house.

Required Materials:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Cello tape or Duct tape
  • A sweet liquid such as pure orange juice
  • Slice of Apple or Bananna

Remove the bottles hard cap from the top and simply cut off the top third of the bottle with some scissors or a sharp knife (Do be careful when doing this part as you do not want to cut yourself). Add a few inches of your chosen sweet liquid into the bottom of the bottle. This could be pure orange juice, Sugar water with something to make the water bright coloured such as squash (this is to make sure the flies don’t avoid the clear liquid) I find that apple cider vinegar is great for this fly trap as well as most other homemade traps.

Now all you need to do is invert the top of the bottom and place it into the bottom of the bottle, Use tape to tape it in place and be sure to leave it an inch or so above the liquid in the bottom. Then you’re done. Place this trap in any area of your home where there is a lot of flies.

Also if you like you can put extra holes in the top either side of the fly trap, Then feed some string though and tie the ends into a knot. Now you can hang this fly trap on brushes or trees.

Plastic Dish or Cup Fly Trap:

Sticking with simple here is another very easy fly trap you can make at home. This trap is very effective if you have the right materials which again are normal household items.

Required Materials:

  • Plastic cup or shallow dish
  • Fruit scented washing up liquid.
  • Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Slice of Apple or Bananna
  • Sheet of kiln film or thin plastic wrap

Fill the cup or dish with a few inches of the apple cider then add the fruit scented washing up liquid. You want to make sure that the washing up liquid creates a sticky surface so once the flies land they get stuck. Now wrap the top of the dish or cup with kiln film or your plastic sheet wrap. After that all that is left to do is poke several holes into the wrap that are big enough for the flies to get in. If you use a plastic cup you can use a rudder band to secure the plastic sheet around the cup. And that’s it another easy homemade fly trap that you can use in your home.

Jam Jar Trap:

Flies are very attracted to sugary red substances. For this trap we can use an old jam Jar and a piece of paper. Now those are items everyone has at home.

Required Materials:

  • Old jam jar or any kind of jar (Even a Glass wine bottle works fine)
  • A piece of paper 8×10 inches
  • Slice of Apple or Bananna
  • A Sweet colourful liquid (Apple Cider Vinegar Works great)

Fill the jar with some of your sweet liquid, get the 8×10 inch paper and roll it into a cone shape. The idea here is to make the hole at the bottom of the cone big enough for a large fly to get in. Once they are attracted to the Sweet scent of your liquid and furthermore the colour, they will go into the Jar via the tiny hole in the cone and not be able to get back out again.

Thanks for checking out my homemade fly traps. I hope that you can use these fly traps to get rid of flies in your home. Remember to always play on the flies sense of smell and love of all things sweet and colourful.

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