Full Guide How To Get Rid Of Blow Flies

Blow flies are a health risk to all humans; they can and do transmit disease and illness by contaminating our food and homes. Their main habits of feeding and breeding in dead carrion means they carry some very nasty bacteria which you don’t want on your dinner. If you follow the steps to get rid of Blow flies in this guide you can avoid ever getting ill from the effectives of Blow flies.

What do Blow Flies look like:

Blow flies also known as Bottle Flies, Bluebottle flies and Greenbottle flies are the most notorious of all flies due to their constant buzzing noise they make when flying around. You can normally hear a blow fly before you see him and when you do see him you will know it’s a Blow fly. They are medium sized flies 10-14mm long with wide bodies. They come in 3 common colours which are metallic green, metallic blue and a dark metallic bronze.

get rid of blow flies

What they do and what attracts blow flies:

Blow flies are most commonly found around dead animals such as birds. But they also like all decaying organic matter dead or alive. For example they are known to lay eggs inside the open wounds of cattle and other animals. They will also lay eggs in your garbage can if you have rotten food like meats in there. Blowflies are also commonly found around animal faeces.

Blow flies are heavily attracted to dead carrion and other dead things. This is because the larvae of Blow flies burrow into and feed on the dead remains. Blow fly larvae need a lot of protein to develop and this is why dead meat is the preferred breeding ground. After 3 weeks to a month the Blow flies larvae will be fully grown.

How to know you have a blow fly infestation:

Blow fly infestations start when you see a medium to large amount of Blow flies around your home. They are common in small numbers and you may not have an infestation at that point but if you’re seeing larger numbers of them then you may have a breeding ground close to your home. You may also find Blow fly larvae in your garbage cans.

How to get rid of blowflies in the house and garden:


1 – The first step to get rid of blow flies is the same as most flies, that is get rid of the blowflies breeding ground. You may have to take a good look around your home to find whatever it is that is attracting the blow flies and where they are laying their eggs.

First place to check should be your garbage bins. Then you will want to check around your home and garden. You will need to be very precise because sometimes finding the source of the problem isn’t straightforward. If you have a dead animal or some rotten meat somewhere you should be able to smell it. Also if you have any animal faeces in your garden or around your home this may be the source of the infestation.

Also you may need to check under and around your kitchen appliances for any food scraps that may have dropped down.

2 – Once you have found the source of the blow fly problem you need to take the right steps to remove it. This basically means cleaning the area completely, any carrion or rotten meat with need to be sealed up tight in plastic bags and placed in the bin.

If you find the blow fly infestation is in your garbage bins then you will need to make sure you clean the trash bin as best you can, I recommend hot water, bleach and strong smelling citrus cleaning liquids. After you have cleaned the bin make sure that all the garbage bags you place in it are completely sealed with no chance of splitting or leaking.

By now the breeding ground and source of the Blow fly infestation will be gone. Now you just need to deal with the remaining adult flies. You can do this by using setting up blowfly traps and taking measures to repel the flies. You could use pesticides although I don’t recommend it; you’re better off swatting them or trapping them. Here are some different ways to kill blow flies.

To prevent further Blowfly infestations:

To prevent further Blow Fly infestations you need to have a strict cleaning routine. Make sure you clean your kitchen sides and floors regularly. Also cleaning your garbage cans out with hot water and bleach will ensure they cannot set up camp there again. If you have animals or pets in your home make sure to clean up their faeces and living areas as promptly as possible.

Also make sure you keep all your garbage defiantly old food scraps like meat tightly sealed in plastic bags before you place it in the bin. This will get rid of the odours that attract Blow flies. If you can get garbage bins that have tight fitting lids get some.

If you have a compost pile or any areas that are regularly affected by Blow flies then I recommend you spread some food grade diatomaceous earth in these areas. This powder is a natural pesticide. It’s Harmless to humans and animal’s providing you don’t get it in eyes or breath it in.

You could also pick up a cheap bug zapper to get rid of blowflies. Having one of these hanging near your backdoor will catch any blow fly that tries to enter your home.

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