Facts about House Flies that you should know

House flies are generally considered harmless since they do not bite or harm directly. But, they are carriers of several diseases which can make them seriously dangerous for us. The fact that house flies are so annoying makes them a common victim of sprays, medicines and repellents.

But, there is so much to know about house flies besides just their capability to spread diseases. There are several interesting facts, which most of us never knew about house flies. Though we get some basic details about them from books, but there may actually be some interesting things about them which may make us take these little creatures more seriously.

Facts about House Flies

House flies have an interesting list of do’s and don’ts. Some of the important facts about house flies include:

  • They don’t directly eat. Anything that is warm and left out in the open attracts their attention. That is the reason they love garbage. They spit saliva on the food and suck it in through their straw-like mouths.
  • They have the capability to travel up to 6 miles in 24 hours. But, still they love coming back home and staying close to their breeding grounds.
  • Flies generally love to breed on all the dirty places. Thus, farms are never free of flies. They have the raw manure where flies breed.
  • House flies do not live for more than one month. The egg, larvae and pupal stage finishes in just 10 days. Once they emerge from their pupae, they grow no more.
  • The small hairs that we can see all over the body of the fly is simply taste organs. Their most powerful organs are the eyes. They have a compound eye where thousands of small lenses make one big eye. That is the reason they are capable of a wide angle vision.
  • They can carry diseases like no others. 100s of pathogens which can result in ailments like tuberculosis, typhoid, dysentery, cholera, etc are carried by these flies. They carry these diseases and its bacteria on their legs.


common house fly facts

Getting rid of house flies

Controlling house flies is very important as they are one of the premiere carriers of diseases. We need to prevent them from sitting on food and other items. Identification is the first step. One must be able to identify the typical house flies in order to control them.

First of all, one must know the common places where flies and sit and breed. Keeping those places clean is very important. Flies have no purpose in clean areas. Garbage should never be kept inside the house. The flies should not be allowed to lay their eggs. Once they sense an area of the house that is not cleaned, they will continue breeding. And once that breeding ground is removed half of the problem is solved.

Fly traps with bait and insecticide application is mandatory in order to remove the big flies as they are very stubborn. Fly papers are commonly used. The cleaner a house it, the easier will it to get rid of house flies. Flies are actually the first signal that the house is unclean. To prevent other insects from entering, people should first make sure that garbage along with the flies are removed.

Your garbage bins should always be located far away from your house as possible.

Summary- Flies are a nuisance. There are several important things about them which people should learn and remember in order to better tackle their problem. Keeping the house clean is necessary and is the best way to get rid of house flies.

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