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Hi and welcome to the Get rid of flies blog.

I’d like to mention just a little bit about myself and go into briefly why I decided to start this site to help people get rid of flies in there homes. My name is John Morrow and I live in England in one of the most rural parts of the country down south. I’m surrounded by a great area of greenbelt and in my local area there are two nature reserves and plenty of farms with them.

This is a good thing and I would not have it any other way because I’m not much of a town or city person but the problem you’ll find when you live in an area like this is an over abundance of flies. We have all kinds of flies here most of the ones mentioned on this blog are fairly common here and over the 25 years I’ve lived here I have managed to develop some great ways to get rid of these flies.

I have become that good at removing flies that I can live free of flies now even in an area such as mine and I would like to share my methods with every one else so they too can get rid of flies and live without these annoying little pests. Of course flies are also quite dangerous if you allow them to go unchecked. They spread some very nasty bacteria around which I can gurantee has resulted in a bad stomach for you at one time in your life. Also some flies like Horse flies, Black flies etc. can directly bite humans.

So with that in mind I hope you enjoy the site and I’m sure the information your find here will help you get rid of flies. Without the need to call in costly pest control services. Please feel free to comment on the posts and share them with your friends.




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