5 Fun and Different Ways to Get Rid Of Flies

You can get rid of flies without it being a relentless tireless chore, mixing it up can make killing flies fun, exciting and more rewarding. Let’s look at some fun and different ways to get rid of flies.

I guarantee these methods are just as effective as your more mundane fly killing methods and are very cost effective when it comes to creating a fly free zone in your home and garden.

1: Venus Fly Trap – The Plant that eats flies

Venus fly traps are nature’s way of controlling the fly population, they are naturally equipped with everything required to get rid of flies. Once more they are wonderful looking plants (I realise this is my opinion) that you can keep in your home. If you have never seen a Venus fly trap in action or are unsure as to how they work then let me tell you.

get rid of flies venus fly trap

The Venus fly trap has a big colourful belly which secretes a sweet sap to attract flies, when flies land on the Venus fly traps belly they trigger tiny little hairs which makes the Venus fly trap quickly shut up tight.

They have interlocking spikes or teeth which prevent the fly getting back out. Once the fly is trapped inside, The Venus fly trap secretes digestive fluids which basically dissolve the fly so it can be absorbed by the plant.

You can buy a Venus Fly trap for very little online, all you must do is spend some time learning how to look after one. They have certain needs which you must take care of to keep the carnivorous plant alive. They are fun and effective fly can control which you can have for very little cost.

2: Electric Fly Swatters – For when normal swatters aren’t cutting it

Electric fly swatters are becoming somewhat of a hit recently, as summer approaches the fly population is peaking. Normal run of the mill fly swatters are simply not enough anymore, having to wait for the fly to land is old news and frankly boring. What you should be doing is swatting these flies mid-air; this is what this electric fly swatter does.

These swatters couldn’t be any easier to use, you simply press the button down and swing. As soon as your target makes contact with the electric screen it’s zapped dead.

This is the most direct way to get rid of flies and its works great. You can also lure flies into one room of your home using bait or by simply turning all the lights off but that one room. Then you can swing away instantly clearing your house of flies.

the executioner electric fly swatter

Electric fly swatters can be picked up very cheaply online; I recommend one called The Executioner. I recommend the Executioner because it has by far the best build quality I have seen. The Executioner always kills in one swing and its batteries last a lot longer than some of the other cheaper versions.

3: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – For healthy Fly free living

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth or food grade DE is a fine powder which is made from the fossils of algae like plant called diatoms. Food grade DE is used by people to detox and remove any potential parasitic infections in the bowls or intestines.

This fine white powder is harmless to humans and pets but deadly to insects like flies. This is because it kills flies by dehydrating them. You can drink and eat Food Grade DE but it must be Food Grade DE only. There are other types of Diatomaceous Earth.

What’s great about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is it kills pests in a non-chemical way; the method of killing flies with Food Grade DE is physical. This means flies cannot build up a tolerance to it and it does not have an odour they know to avoid, this means it’s effective against flies but does not damage other things like most chemical pesticides.

Please note: Precautions you need to take would include not breathing in DE or getting it in your eyes. Also do not get it near other plants since it will kill other insect life such as honey bees.

You can apply Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to your food storage on your compost heap and any other area where flies may like to go. Sprinkle some over your fruit bowl and your kitchen will soon be completely clear of flies. You can use food grade DE to get rid of flies pretty much anywhere.

4: Bug Zappers – Get rid of flies in your garden

Bug zappers are used by many people all over the world. Most places that prepare food for consumers use bug zappers to keep their kitchens fly free. So why shouldn’t you? The only problem with Electric Bug Zappers is the electricity use from them and the need to change bulbs. They cost money run but they are very effective at keeping the fly population low across large areas.

You may choose to have one hanging up near your back door or on your patio either way you can rest assure that your patio and more than likely your entire garden will be free of flies.

I have had a few bug zappers before; the one I highly recommend currently is the LED Lantern Electric insect killer. It has a fantastic killing grid design which stops it from being clogged up with dead flies after sometime of use.

Those of you that have used bug zappers before will know this can be a problem with constant cleaning required on most fly zappers. Furthermore this bug zapper is only $20 so it’s affordable.

flowtron electric fly zapper

You can get different versions that cover smaller or larger areas and I must say I’m very happy with the results. Not only is it effective to get rid of flies it is also very cost effective. It costs very little to run electric wise. A lot less than most other electric  fly zappers.

5: Hire a Spider – Unless you’re an Arachnophobic that is.

Spiders although horrible looking in my opinion are not bad when it comes to getting rid of flies, you could rent one or two a room in your house this summer to keep the fly population down in your home. Of course this can create more problems with having to clean up webs and such.

Hiring a spider is a different way to get rid of flies but perhaps not the first method you should try. Unless you actually like spiders in which case why not let them help keep your house fly free.

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