How To Get Rid Of Flies Full Guide Indoors And Outdoors

Learn how to get rid of flies with quick and easy methods and how to keep the flies away forever. I’m are going to show you how to get rid of flies in the most cost effective and easiest methods known to man.

Most of which are 100% natural methods! You can relax and enjoy the time spent in your garden when the weather is fantastic. And your home will be fly infestation free.

Being a nuisance isn’t the only reason you should want to get rid of flies, but also because they can be very bad for human health. Not only that but they can cause damage to your home, pets and garden.

Please Note: This is a very long page which I recommend you read. But if you are short on time you may find some of my recent posts on the right of your screen very helpful. Or use the table of contents just below to get to your answers faster.

Why are Flies Bad For You:

Flies are actually important to environment; they pollinate plants, help waste decay and also keep other insects in check. But with all this good they also are agents in the transmission of many very nasty illnesses and diseases which can be fatal for humans.

Diseases like Shigellosis, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Parasitic Worms and Polio are all Diseases you can be infected with if you’re not careful. Flies can and are the cause of a lot of food poisoning that humans suffer from; ever had something to eat that gave you diarrhoea and made you vomit? This could be a case of the food being fine but the fact that flies have landed on it and left behind some nasty bacteria. This is why it is very important to get rid of flies in your house and areas where you prepare yours and your family’s food.


How to get rid of flies with 3 steps:


Here are the 3 steps you’ll need to follow when trying to get rid of flies.

1. Remove anything you think may be attracting them and anything that may be a perfect breeding ground.

2. Set traps to catch and/or kill the remaining adult flies. Home made fly traps work very well or you can buy fly traps for a very little cost. Or the use of more direct ways to kill flies such as fly swatters and fly sprays.

3. Put in place measures to repel and/or kill any future flies that try to enter your home and or set up camp in your backyard.

These are the 3 steps you will nearly always follow when you are going to get rid of flies. This is how to get rid of flies in a step by step guide:

Step 1 – Identifying Type of Fly and Removing Flies Breeding ground.

If you have identified the flies causing your problems already you should be able to locate potential breeding grounds. This step cannot be avoided, it is the most important step in the process. It may take some time as the flies breeding ground could be up to 1km away from the area where you are seeing the flies. You will find in most cases the flies breeding ground is a lot closer to home.

By using the table below you should be able to identify and figure out which flies you are seeing and potential breeding grounds, You can use this information to start your search for the flies breeding ground near your home.

Fly AppearanceFly NameBreeding Ground
house flyHouse FlyGarbage Bins
Animal Waste
Compost Heaps
blow flyBlow FlyCarrion
Dead Animals
Animal Waste
fruit flyFruit FlyDecaying Fruit
Decaying Vegetables
Pet/Bird Food
get rid of cluster fliesCluster FlyLawns
Ground with a high population of earthworms
drain flyDrain FlyKitchen/Bathroom Drains
Outside Drains
Organic Slime
horse flyHorse FlyTall Grass
Moist Soil Areas
Standing Water
flesh flyFlesh FlyDead Animals
Food Scraps
Animal Waste
crane flyCrane FlyMoist Soil
Overgrown Lawns
Piles Of Dead Grass/Leafs
mosquitoMosquitoAny Standing Water
Bird Baths

If you notice a lot of Blow flies around your house for example it may be that an animal perhaps a small bird has died nearby, you need to find the animal’s dead body and seal it up tight in a bag before binning it.

Also if you have pets and you see blow flies this could be due to a cats litter tray needing to be cleaned out or if you keep ferrets or hamsters for example then their cages may need cleaning out.

Removing the flies breeding ground can sometimes be as simple as this, general cleaning of the area in the right way. Once you have done this step hopefully you have found the source of the fly infestation and removed it, now on to catching and killing the remaining flies.

Step 2 – How to Kill Flies and how to make homemade fly traps to catch flies.


If you want to take a more active role to get rid of flies then you have come to the right place, most home made fly traps are very effective at killing flies but sometimes you won’t want to wait around for the fly to end up in your trap. For instance the one buzzing around your head right now!

Fly Swatters:


Fly swatters have come a long way from a rolled up newspaper, Although that will still work if theres one handy. What I suggest is you invest in a electric fly swatter . I have one of these myself and it’s a brilliant bit of kit for only $15. Unlike normal fly swatters you no longer need to wait for the fly to land to ensure a killing blow, you just press the button take a swing and bam! The fly is toast if its anywhere near that electric grid on the fly

If your fly problem isn’t so serious then you can always pick up some normal rubber fly swatters while not as effective they still do the job.


Homemade Fly Sprays:


Fly sprays are another direct way to deal with flies in your house. You can buy commerical sprays to directly kill flies and you can buy area sprays which treat an entire area. There are several good commerical sprays but please keep in mind they are mostly toxic and need to be used in the correct way.

Always follow the instructions on the tin carefully a lot of area sprays require you to leave the area after treatment. Areas you would more than likely not want to use such a spray is your kitchen.

This is why I recommend you put together a homemade fly spray with natural ingredients. You may have to pop out to grab some of the materials.

White Vinegar Fly Spray

  • Fill your spray bottle to around 60% with undiluted white vinegar
  • Add 5 generous drops of dish washing liquid
  • Add 1 tab of Eucalyptus oil / a stick of cinnamon
  • Shake bottle to combine ingredients
  • Spray directly on fly to kill it


Simple Fly Spray

With this fly spray you may have to finish the fly off by squashing it. But it will make killing the fly without a swatter much easier. Given enough time this spray will kill the fly but not

  • Fill your spray bottle to 90% with warm water
  • Add 5 generous drops of dish washing liquid
  • Shake the ingredients together
  • Spray directly on fly to make it an easy kill


These fly swatters and fly sprays will do the job and here are some more fun and interesting ways to kill flies.

Homemade Fly Traps


You can if you wish buy some already made fly traps there are many very good options to choose from and they are cheap for the job they do, but right now I’m going to show you how to make some quick and easy homemade fly traps that will help you get rid of flies.

I make and use 3 main traps for flies. They are all easy to make and mostly require common household materials:

1: Plastic Bottle Fly Trap

Take any plastic bottle and some scissors, or a sharp knife (Do be careful not to cut yourself) and cut off the top third of the bottle. You now want to get some sweet and colourful liquid to put into the remaining bottom of the bottle. This can be pure orange juice, sugary water with some squash added or my favourite and the best apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is cheap and is sold at most supermarkets.

Add 1-2 inches of your chosen liquid into the bottom of the bottle and now place the cut off top half inverted into the bottom. So the top is facing the bottom (Do be sure to remove the hard cap on the bottle) Now just use some cello tape or duct tape to secure the two parts together.

Once the flies go in for the sweet odour from the liquid they will not be getting back out again.

If you find the flies are still getting out then drill a small hole into the bottles cap and place it back on the bottle.

homemade fly trap plastic bottle

2: Plastic Cup Fly Trap

Take a plastic cup, a rubber band, something sugary smelling liquid (apple cider vinegar) and some kiln film or thin plastic sheet. Simply add a few inches of your apple cider vinegar to the cup and place the plastic sheet across the top of the cup.

Now secure it in place with the rubber band and then use a fork to piece a few holes in the plastic sheet just big enough for a fly to get in. Once they are in they won’t be getting out. You can also add some slices of apple to attract even more flies.

A good extra tip for this trap is to add some fruit scented washing up liquid to the liquid in the bottom, this will break surface tension and if the flies land on it they will not be able to take off again.

homemade fly trap plastic cup trap

3: Jar or Glass Bottle Fly trap
If you have any old Jam jars or Wine bottles sitting around the house you can make another good homemade fly trap. You will need once again some apple cider vinegar or another sugary colourful liquid and a 10×8 inch sheet of paper.

Add 1-3 inches of your fly attracting liquid and a few slices of bananna into either your Jam jar or glass bottle (wine bottle) and they roll the sheet of paper into a cone shape. You want the hole at the bottom of the cone to be large enough for a large fly to get in.

After that secure the paper in its cone shape with a bit of cello tape and place it into the top of the jam jar or glass bottle (plastic bottles would work too).

This again will lure the flies into a trap they can’t get out of once they go in.

homemade fly trap jam jar trap

You can also make your own homemade fly paper traps that you can hang from your ceilings in your kitchen and dining areas. These are also very easy to make and are very clean traps that are effective at killing flies.

Commercial Fly Traps

If you don’t have the materials or time to make your own fly traps then I recommend you pick up a LED lantern bug zapper. The one thing I really like about these lanterns is you never need to replace the LED’s and of course there are no harmful chemicals used to kill the flies.

Also its important to add that these bug zappers will take out Wasp’s and Mosquitos too, which is always helpful. Hanging one or two of these right above your doors will catch most of the flies that try to enter your home.

how to get rid of flies led lantern

Step 3: Measures to repel and prevent Flies (Future infestations)

Hopefully by now you have removed the flies’ habitat and any other large groups of flies, now we need to put in place some things to stop flies ever wanting to enter your home again.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by changing the way your home smells or looks to a fly. They have a fantastic sense of smell for sugar and old food; also their eyes are great for seeing light patterns. We can use this to our advantage and to get rid of flies:

Place some potted herbs/plants around your windows and doors, Flies do not like the odours of some herbs which include:

  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Citronella
  • Eucalyptus
  • False Indigo
  • Common Rue
  • Basil (Sacred Basil)
  • Elderberry
  • Tansy
  • Wormwood

You can pick up these herbs cheaply at most garden centres or markets and plant them in and around your garden and home. I recommend putting them in flower pots and placing them on window seals plus at your garden doors.

One of my favourite plants to repel flies is Citronella. I use it all the time at home. It smells great and is cheap to buy. You can pick up a Citronella plant for as little as $10.

If you look after it this plant can grow fairly large and with that its fly repelling power will only grow. I’d suggest you place Citronella plants around the entrances to your home and you’d be surprised, just how good this plant is at repelling all types of flies and even Mosquitos.

how to get rid of flies with citronella plants

Citronella Plant To Repel Flies

Alternative Methods To Repel Flies

Another way to stop the flies wanting to enter your home is by hanging plastic bags full of water or old CD’s around the entrances to your home, The light reflected by this items scare the flies away due to looking a lot like a spiders web to a fly.

Of course this isn’t for everyone but it can be worth doing in the summer when flies are at their highest numbers.

If you’re not much of a gardener and don’t fancy hanging CD’s to repel flies. Then could also consider using ultrasonic sound to keep flies away. To do this all you need to do is purchase some ultrasonic transmitters to plug in. You can get a set of 3 here for 20 bucks.

how to get rid of flies using ultrasonic sound

What I really like about these Riddex Sonic Plus transmitters is that they have a pass-through. Basically you can plug your normal appliance into them as well, meaning you do not lose a plug socket.

These are also safe for your pet’s and will keep a lot of insects away. You could also use these to keep spiders out of your house if like me you’re not very fond of our 8 legged friends.

I recommend you pick up more than one so you can get a complete coverage of your home.

Once you added the measures above to your home all you can really do is make sure everything is clean and tidy in your kitchen and garden, you may need to make some changes around the house to make sure everything stays clean, for example never leave any piles of dry grass or leafs around in your garden.

Make sure your bins are emptied and cleaned regularly. Get any blocked drains, waste disposal machines cleaned with a gel based drain cleaner and ensure they are in working order.

You could also consider buying some mesh screens or insect screens (Insect netting) to cover your windows and doors. This will help stop the flies from being able to access your home.

How To Get Rid Of Flies Whilst Outside

You now know how to repel flies from your house but what about you. If you are planning a camping trip or you want to go fishing, there are also measures you can take to repel flies from annoying you all day.

First you’ll want to dress in the right colours. Flies and Mosquitos are attracted to darker colours so you want to keep your clothing as light as possible. White works best but any light colour will be a big difference to say black for example.

You could also pick up some fly repellent in spray form. It’s always handy to have a tin of this on you. And you can even make your own fly repellent spray. Another option is to wear a Citronella Bug Band.

how to get rid of flies with citronella bug bands

How Do You Get Rid Of Flies?

I’ve shown you guys how I get rid of flies. I’d love to know how you deal with flies. If you have any other tips or home remedies to get rid of flies please post them in the comments, I’d love to hear what methods everyone uses and what works for them.


  1. Glad I found this article and your website. I’ve Been trying to figure out how to get rid of the house flies that keep coming in my apartment.

  2. Flies are soooo gross! When I first moved to my area I didn’t see much flies during the summer, but now there are tons of them and they’ve seem bigger than the average. Anyone else experiencing this?

  3. I’ve never heard of “drain flys” before, I didn’t even know you could get flies in your drain. I can understand why they’re be in kitchen drains (because of the food) but why would they be in bathroom drains?

    • Clogs of hair and other material such as dirty water from a bath create a slime which these flies like, Basically anything organic not just foods.

  4. Wow, I didn’t know flies could transfer malaria! I’ve always been told that they leave fly eggs wherever they land.

    • They actually only lay eggs in an area where the larvae will be able to feed enough before growing into an adult fly.

  5. I just found your site and really need it, but the flies we have do not look like the ones shown. Would it be possible to send you a photo of a dead one, these flies are smaller and fly slow. I do not know but think my sons rabbit (indoor) may be the source. We have bombed the house but they still return, thanks for any help. Brad

    • Sure use the “Contact Us” page to send an image of the flies. Hopefully we will be able to help you identify and get rid of them.

  6. Hi…we have a cedar board house and when we get a warm day the blow flys come in swarms!!! There are no dead animals etc around but we do have a dog kennel and a couple of canaries. Their houses are always clean and the blowys are not isolated to that spot anyway. They are all around the house! Any ideas? We did hear that they could be attracted to the smell of the cedar planks as they heat up in warm weather.

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  9. I’m this last fortnight I have had a blowfly drop maggots on our brand new carpet and freshly painted windowsill. No food source insight. In fact I actually just had blowflies we caught again drop maggots whilst caught on The Buzz Fly Papers. I had to sprinkle Boric Acid on our 3 week old carpet and then have it steam cleaned to ensure larvae was killed. What puzzles me is why they are dropping maggots in a bedroom that has no food source. I have set fly traps, bought a bug zapper, set sticky papers, sprayed windows and doors with commercial insect repellent and have commercial spray now filling my house and we still have them coming indoors. I’m doubtful that anything will prevent them coming in. Frustrated.

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